Token Economics

AngrySquid Total tax is 12%

Development Fund : 3% marketing

Bounties : 5% automatic dividend

Flow cell : 2% increase liquidity

develop nft games : 2% develop nft games

Design inspiration

Angry squid is inspired by the squid game. Its characteristic is to let you get enough income outside of life, which is loved by everyone. Now, angry squid, it's coming.

Make sure not to miss this opportunity to have an experienced team! We brought you Angry Squid, where you can enjoy the pleasure of the game and the bonus.

Angry Squid has high bonuses and is ready to succeed. Join Angry Squid and get high bonuses!

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Angry squid becomes mainstream

The team did not follow the ordinary method, but brainstormed and used brand-new marketing methods in this field to create a sensation.

Our upcoming radio advertisements will be broadcast online in various streaming media around the world, such as Radio XStream, IHeart Radio, Hot 97, CBS Radio, Disney, MSNBC, etc.

Imagine a person driving to work, listening to their favorite morning radio program, providing them with entertainment, the latest traffic information in their area, and our radio advertisement! This is the beginning of large-scale exposure and Angry Squid.